HSEB是光學檢測、Review、檢測設備的領先供應商。我們從設計到製造檢測工具,如模組及OEM的元件, 晶圓尺寸最大可以支援到450mm ,和各種大尺寸基板。基於完善的檢測系統,我們可以驕傲的為您定制設備,直至它完全滿足您的需求。.


HSEB Dresden前身是1991年 Carl Zeiss研發中心。我們已經從一個研發中心換變為一個注重研發和可客制化的中型複合型生產企業。.

HSEB 是下列的組織成員:

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We received order of a leading Asian OSAT for our Odin product for integrated frontside inspection, CD, Overlay, 2D and 3D metrology.

Also continuously expand leadership for 300mm OM review systems in Asia.

We received a PO for our Thor edge inspection system from a major MEMS customer.

We are expecting follow up orders in 2017.