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HSEB Dresden offers service, maintenance and spare parts, no matter if you have just a microscope or a full automated inspection and review tool.

We also offer authorized support on wafer inspection equipment that was sold by Carl Zeiss Microelectronics Systems before 2004, such as:

  • Axiotron I and Axiotron II
  • AxioWis
  • Axiospect
  • Axiosprint
  • Nidek IM-11, IM-14, IM-17, IM-80 and IM-800 wafer loaders
  • Scanning stages, illumination equipment, wafer handlers

In case you are looking for a service representative - or a support for your own service organization - in one of the below listed countries, HSEB is the right choice as well. Contact us - even if your products are not Semiconductor related - and we will work out with you a proposal in line with your needs.

Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia

Singapore, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel

North America
USA, Canada