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General properties
  • Several systems are designed to handle delicate wafers at the exclusion zone only. Depending on process step and wafer diameter, a safe handling is guaranteed for exclusion zones as little as 3 mm.
  • Especially for MEMS, we have designed various tools and modules that will not get in contact with the wafer back side.

Automation Ready
  • Supports factory standards for automated material handling systems (AMHS), like E84 (OHT/AGV), SECS/GEM interface, Cassette- and FOUP-ID readers (RF based)
  • Sample-ID readers for OCR, barcode and T7 dot matrix

Standard Compliance
  • Comply with the relevant SEMI standards, including S2/S8
  • CE conformity and (for many systems and modules) UL/CSA compliance allows for world-wide use of the tools. Other regional or customer-specific compliance certificates can be obtained, if necessary.
  • Only required media are electricity, CDA and vacuum. No special media inside the cleanroom are required.