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Axiospect 301

300 mm optical inspection and review tool.
For front and back side inspection.‎
Ideally suited for Litho and OQA.

  • Successor to the well established, reliable 300 mm inspection and review tool Axiospect 300.
  • System configurations with front side only or front-/back side handling.
  • Integrated flip module on robot ensures high throughput.
  • System configurations with vacuum-based or edge-grip wafer handling.
  • Vacuum-based wafer handling for standard applications with high throughput and attractive price.
  • Edge-grip wafer handling (including prealigner) for zero contamination on wafer back side.
  • Sorter function, also with back side flip.
  • High-end optical microscope by Carl Zeiss supports all common contrast techniques, including white-light confocal and ultraviolet microscopy. Read here for more information.
  • Macro Inspection with homogenous brightfield and with super-bright darkfield illumination and with Defect Documentation option.
  • Several metrology options available, such as CD and film thickness measurement.
  • Single mature software platform for all systems and options.

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