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Film Thickness Measurement

Non-destructive measurement of multiple, also buried films
No specially certified calibration samples required.
Fast execution allows for 100% sample control.

  • Fast and non-destructive method to measure films in a range between 100 nm and 150 µm (depending on film/substrate properties).
  • Add-on to all Axiospect inspection systems and standalone Axiotron microscopes.
  • Applications for semiconductor devices: resist, oxide, nitride layers on silicon, metals, III-V materials etc.
  • Applications for MEMS: silicon membrane measurement, buried air cavern measurement etc.
  • Supports simulation of measurements and comfortable analysis options.
  • Required material data can easily be attained from physics handbooks or manufacturer data sheets (e.g. Cauchy coefficients)
  • Engineering (manual) mode as well as fully automated mode with mapping capability (point function in inspection or review)

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