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Axiotron 300

Cleanroom microscope for 300 mm substrates.
Built-in optical zoom.
Fully motorized and remote-controllable.

Supported Contrast Methods (some are available optionally)
  • Brightfield (VIS, NIR, 365 nm, 248 nm)
  • Darkfield
  • Differential Interference Contrast (Nomarski)
  • Real-time white-light confocal (CSM, see here)
  • Fluorescence
  • Polarization microscopy

  • 5x objective turret
  • 6x reflector turret
  • Integrated optical zoom (0.4x ... 1.4x)
  • Integrated focus drive with 2 mm stroke; rough height adjustments via stand feet.
  • Two separate illumination ports allow direct connection of two light sources.
  • Upright unreversed image with 18 mm intermediate image diameter.
  • Camera-based microscope, no eyepiece viewport.
  • Sturdy metal stand with high-quality mechanical components. For all critical parts, metal prevails plastic.

User Interface
  • Pre-programmable optimized settings for light, aperture, zoom, field stop and DIC analyser.
  • User control with ergonomic and instantly reacting control panel. No touchscreens, no wait time to initialize screen dialogs.
  • Remote control via CAN bus and RS232.

  • Option for transmitted light (VIS, NIR).
  • Dual-beam laser autofocus.
  • Confocal mode as built-in unit.
  • Easy attachment of film thickness measurement system.
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