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Critical Dimension Measurement

Camera-based measurement of pitches and distances or linear and round features.
Excellent repeatability down to the micron range.
Fast execution and detailed recipe configuration.

  • Fast and reliable evaluation of intensity distribution in camera image.
  • High repeatibility of similar measurements, down to 0.1%.
  • Works for features that can be imaged sufficiently accurate with optical microscopy, typically down to 800 nm.
  • Recipe-based interactive setup and storage of all necessary parameters.
  • Autofocus and pattern-based fine-alignment procedures for doubtless identification of target pattern.

CD Measurement
  • Image-based measurement software for lateral, linear structures.
  • Supports measurement of feature dimension, feature pitch and overlay offset.

Via Measurement
  • Model- and image based measurement of circular and/or octagonal structures.
  • Supports measurement of diameter and offset of concentric patterns (i.e. octagon inside circle).
  • Customized solutions have been successfully implemented: You send us a CD with sample images, we tailor the algorithms for you.

TSV / Alignment Mark Check / Double CD Measurement
  • Add-On for CD Measurement (see above).
  • Measurement of distances between features at different sample heights.
  • Easy-to-use for structures with high aspect ratio.
  • Ideally combined with Infrared Microscopy to determine overlay values between buried and surface structures.
  • Alignment mark checks can be done in one "shot".
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