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Laboratory Microscope for 300 mm

High-end cleanroom microscope for large objects.
Manual sample loading.
Customized sample holders for most flexible application.

  • 300 mm version of the reliable Axiotron 2 microscope
  • All contrast modes of the Axiotron 2 available.
  • Sturdy metal stand for least vibration transmission.
  • 300 mm manual or motorized stage with various reflected-light wafer chucks.

Semi-automatic Configuration: Axiotron 2 LM
  • Workstation for the inspection of 300 mm wafers.
  • Manual wafer loading.
  • Built-in rotatory and alignment chuck (using polar coordinates) to ensure small footprint.
  • Notch alignment with optical transmitted-light detector.
  • Axiotron 2 OEM for contrast modes BF, DF, DIC, Fluorescence.
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