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Macro Inspection Station

For wafers and masks.
Two independent light sources.
Software support for defect documentation.

  • Four-axis system (rotation, spin, inclination, flip).
  • Position can be conveniently controlled via joystick or by software command.
  • Four point PEEK edge-gripper guarantees minimum contamination.
  • Minimum grip area leaves almost 100% of front and back side of wafer available for inspection.
  • Maximum handling safety: Closed gripper is mandatory for any movement; wafer handling takes place in dedicated transfer positions only.
  • In less than 3 seconds the wafer is flipped to it's reverse side.

  • Homogenous brightfield illumination of full wafer area using a fluorescence lamp array.
  • Superbright darkfield illumination with high-power LEDs.
  • Long service life of up to 20.000 hours continuous operation keep cost of ownership low.
  • Resist wafers are protected by using colour filters. Filters can be removed for white-light illumination in OQA.
  • Recipe-adjustable illumination settings allow to adapt wafer position, side, contrast mode and brightness to inspection task.

  • Standard configuration works with 200 mm, 300 mm or 450 mm wafers.
  • Adapter kit available for conversion from 200 mm to 150 mm. Can be easily exchanged in the field by average trained personnel.
  • Macro station is available for sample thickness from ~250 microns to >3 mm.
  • Sample weight can be as much as 600g.
  • Mask inspection possible by modified gripper arm.
  • Adaptation to any other sample (round, rectangular, odd-shaped) is no problem.
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